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Welcome to Woman to Woman & The Male Perspective!

We provide a very special range of services to help improve and overcome a wide range of problems that clients experience with their Unwanted Facial & Body Hair, Facial Skin or Body Image, along with offering many traditional beauty treatments and relaxing therapies.

Please have a look through the treatments we offer and we look forward to helping you and getting to know you whilst you enjoy the many benefits of what we do!

So although our specialty is permanent hair removal and various other advanced treatments we really enjoy doing all the classic treatments extremely well too. Thoroughness, effectiveness and understanding is our core ethos and we do our best to be the best!

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Laser Hair Removal Just Got Waaay BETTER! February 20, 2019 - Woman to Woman & The Male Perspective proudly introduce The Revolutionary ‘Pain-Free’ Moveo Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal! To get brilliant results on thick & fine hair that has some colour, being able to treat ALL SKIN COLOURS WITH COMPLETE SAFETY! … Continue reading
‘Loyalty Card’ collect 10 dates to get 25% off your next treatment! Enjoy! May 6, 2016 - We have a brilliant ‘Loyalty Card’ to reward our regular clients! So the more visits to the salon you make the more you will be rewarded 🙂 Just keep the card safe with you and ask us to date it … Continue reading

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Posted @withrepost • @veronicagorgeois ☀️ It’s that time of year again.☀️ Time for skin care experts to remind you to wear sunscreen before heading to that summer barbecue!

I’m glad to see that this photo started making the rounds after I posted it on Twitter a few months ago. It’s probably the easiest way to convince anyone to start taking sunscreen seriously!

The photo, originally published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows sun damage accumulated over an entire career as a truck driver. The left side of this man’s face was next to the window, and while you can still see sun damage on the other side that was not in direct sunlight, this is a very stark demonstration of what happens to the skin with long-term, unprotected sun exposure—even through windows, since windows only filter UVB but not UVA rays.

So enjoy your summer holidays everyone, just make sure you slather up good with a broad spectrum sunscreen, and reapply after every 2 hours of direct sun exposure or after swimming. Add a lip balm with sunscreen as well.

And remember, most people under-apply sunscreen, so when in doubt, add more!


#skincare #skincaretips #skincareroutine #sunscreen #spf #sunburn

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