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Alice Bellamy

Owner and Senior Therapist

Alice BellamyAlice created Woman to Woman in September 1993 at the tender age of 41! Having trained in Beauty Therapy part time when her children reached school age and had planned to just do enough work to keep her amused when the children were at school! But circumstances dictated that she needed to earn a living for the family, so having had a retail management background and being over 40 she set about finding credible solutions to the problems that can face a maturing woman. Working from home for 2 years then moving into tiny premises she has continually re-invested in really good equipment to help clients with their problems as well as carrying out thorough high quality traditional treatments.

Alice is a Leo and therefore likes to do things really well she also applies an innate common sense to her choice of treatments and systems researching them thoroughly prior to offering them within the clinic. It has been a very steep learning curve and there have been things that did not ‘do what they said on the tin’ and those things have been quickly replaced with a credible alternative where possible.

Alice enjoys offering superb treatments while giving clients realistic expectations of the outcomes, and charging realistic prices for them. She is invariably cheerful and real as well as approachable and very understanding of clients issues. She enjoys a great relationship with many longstanding and new clients within a very warm friendly atmosphere within the clinic. Alongside a great team of course!

Lucy Burry

Lucy CarterLucy joined Alice part time at nearly 18 when she was still at college, she showed such great potential plus the will and ability to do things well and properly that Alice asked her to work full time as soon as she left college that same year! Lucy has worked with Alice since early 2007 and she is just amazing! She takes on a new concept really well and is a really lovely girl who gets on very well with clients of all ages, understanding their issues and making them feel really comfortable with their treatment.

Her ability to engage well with all age clients is really enjoyed and appreciated by them. Lucy has been sooo supportive to Alice over the years by doing all the mundane boring things that had to be done while she was learning how to carry out treatments really well and thoroughly too, she continues to enjoy doing everything that is needed to help keep the clinic running well and smoothly without ever having to be asked to!

Lucy has really benefited from our move to larger premises in April 2012 as she is no longer restricted by a system being unavailable to be used by her because it was stuck in the wrong treatment room! Lucy is a real asset to the clinic plus a joy to work with and be treated by! Long may that continue as she has become a good friend! Her wedding in August 2015 was just stunning and fun!. Lucy had a little Boy Clement in Autumn 2017 and now works on a Monday an Tuesday

Becky Pullen

Becky is 30 and a lovely Calne girl, she has 10 years experience as a Beauty Therapist, she is kind, understanding & bubbly, plus she’s brilliant at all her treatments! Becky compliments our team amazingly well and was a client before joining us in January 2015. We look forward to Becky being with us for a very long time! Becky was the happiest bride when she got married in October 2018!

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