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Skincare products are a minefield to most people and the consumer is bombarded with adverts for the ‘latest’ anti ageing or anti acne creams serums etc! Well our feeling is that many of the over the counter brands really just make your surface skin feel nice but maybe do not actually penetrate down to the lower levels of the skin to actually make a difference to the structure of your skin.

We worry about the big companies bringing out a ‘new’ product what seems like every 2 months, what was wrong with the previous one? It’s just a ruse to try to make you spend money! If they spent the money on ingredients that they spend on advertising the products might not need changing!

Our feeling is that good young looking and feeling skin is strong skin and unfortunately not everyone is naturally blessed with strong skin, whether it’s through inherited genes, age, lifestyle damage from smoking & drinking & sun. The right products that have the correct structure and ingredients to penetrate to where they are needed and that have been independently clinically tested to prove it ( not just 24 women saying after 30 days their skin felt better! )

We also feel that addressing lines by freezing the muscles around them is not getting to the real issue of strengthening the skin all over the face! What happens to a muscle if you don’t use it it goes slack!

We have been really pleased with the performance of the Medik8 skincare on a wide range of ages and skin issues that we have no hesitation in recommending it to our clients so if you would like to discuss your skin and how good skincare can help it, please call us to arrange a chat about it with us so that together we can work out what might best address your personal issues. We will give samples to be tried for a couple of weeks.

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For Bookings Call: 01249 817497