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OxyJet Oxygen Anti-Ageing Nourishing Facials



Beauty Tox Ultra with Oxygen

A Relaxing Anti Aging Facial Effective for Skin Showing Signs of Aging Plus Reduction & Prevention of Lines and Wrinkles. Clients have loved this facial for over 15 years!

This facial is fabulous and treats your skin from the top of your forehead to the base of your neck!

With a polyrotational head for superb deep cleansing & toning plus blue light for calming and healing.



A relaxing but effective anti ageing facial where the skin is firstly gently exfoliated, then the superb active ingredients of Agreline which gently help to reduce muscle contractions (not freeze them) plus Matrixyl, Peptides and Soya Plant Hormone to help stimulate collagen production for firmness are pumped deep into the skin using just oxygen.

It is applied as a course of 5 treatments over 4 weeks (the skin has a monthly renewal cycle) to achieve maximum effect, and the use of homecare products are essential to maintain the effects, as are bi-monthly booster treatments.

The effects of this lovely relaxing treatment are usually visible immediately.

OXYjet STAR Luxury Energising Facial

Appointment Time: 75 mins

This lovely facial leaves your skin literally energised, radiant, soft, calm, smooth and firm. With powerful natural serums pumped into the skin round lips and eyes to de-crease and plump up these problem areas. Using the rotational head with blue light and oxygen to maximum effect, a great pre-special occasion booster.

OXYjet STAR Energising Facial

Appointment Time: 60 mins

A brilliant gentle deep cleansing & firming booster for any skin type and excellent for young, dull and congested skin. It can reduce skin impurities and dark circles under eyes.


OXYjet Star Luxury Energising Facial

per treatment £77

Appointment Time: 75 mins

OXYjet Star Energising Facial

per treatment £67

Appointment Time: 60 mins

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