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Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis

A Hi Tech advanced Electrolysis System!

For All the hair that Laser and IPL cannot treat
So for Blonde, Grey & White hairs!

We have now got Apilus Platinum Pure, a hi-tech, high speed & very comfortable electrolysis system, there really is only a tingle not a bee sting and with virtually no skin reaction!

Seriously you really hardly know that you are having needle electrolysis!

There is so little sensation!

Apilus Prices and Treatments

Treatments are timed and charged accordingly

First 10 minutes

£2.30 per min

Next 10 minutes

£1.80 per min

Next 10 minutes

£1.40 per min

Next 10 minutes

£1.00 per min

All Minutes After this 50p min


We have now been using it since Feb 2013 and clients have been very pleasantly surprised  at how little sensation there is with the Apilus and we are
seeing amazingly good results!

Meaning less unwanted hair more quickly for our clients! We love it!

Research has shown that not only does the hair root need to be destroyed but also the lower part of the hair follicle sides (bulge) for much more effective results and this is why we have moved over to Apilus as the Apilus is programmed to deliver damage to this bulge too, not just to the hair root base.

Seeing and feeling is believing!
We continue to do our utmost to give you the best and most effective treatments possible.

Time Guide for advanced hair removal treatments, these will vary, but we will give you an estimate at consultation.

Upper Lip
Laser: 1-2 min
Apilus Electrolysis: 10-20 mins
Chin Tip
IPL: 4 min
Laser: 1-2 min
Apilus Electrolysis: 10-15 mins
Under Chin
IPL: 6 min
Laser: 2-4 min
Apilus Electrolysis: 15-40 mins
Laser: 2-4 min
Apilus Electrolysis: 8-10 mins

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For Bookings Call: 01249 817497