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NdYag Laser & IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)


A combination of either Nd Yag Laser or Intense Pulsed Light For Fast, Safe, Effective Reduction of Unwanted Dark Hair

NdYag Laser is a small 4-6mm spot of laser light that we use to treat individual hairs usually on the face and neck or on dark skin which would over react to the IPL.

IPL is a larger glass fronted chilled head 1.3cm x 7cm it’s great for treating larger areas quickly and effectively provided that the hair and skin colour are suitable.

Here’s a quote from a client Christina age 45:

It’s been like a miracle! After 5 treatments I hardly even notice my leg hair! No more prickly growth or strong dark hairs!……….. I so wish I’d had this done years ago!

And a quote from a dark facial hair client from C R age 26:

Having this done has improved my confidence so much! I used to have to shave my face every day but now I don’t even notice it between treatments! I’m so pleased with the results I’ve had this year and would recommend it to anyone! I’m going to get my underarms treated now too!

So we will now show you treatment prices but then please do read the full explanations below.

Laser and IPL Hair Reduction Prices

Due to our vast experience in this field where we have found that clients differ hugely in how many sessions are needed before getting to their own desired level of hair reduction. So we do not offer discounts on courses of treatments as it is priced to be competitively lower than other providers in Wiltshire. In June 2014 we upgraded our Laser & IPL to Evlaser’s latest systems to enable us to get even better results and more comfortable treatment for our clients!

Facial treatments are needed monthly. Body treatments bi-monthly.

Laser or IPL Consultation and Patch Test

30 min currently free!

An estimate of time needed for laser will be given.

Laser or IPL on Face and Neck
(or any other small or sparse areas)

price per minute £6.75

Each treatment is timed and charged accordingly.

IPL Underarms

per treatment £35

Every 8 Weeks

IPL Bikini Classic

per treatment £35

Every 8 Weeks

IPL Bikini Extended

per treatment £48

Every 8 Weeks

IPL Bikini Hollywood

per treatment £68

Every 8 Weeks

IPL Half Arms

per treatment £50

Every 8 Weeks

IPL Full Arms

per treatment £70

Every 8 Weeks

IPL Back or Chest

per treatment £110

Every 8 Weeks

IPL Half Legs upper or lower

per treatment £110

Every 8 Weeks

IPL Full Legs

per treatment £165

Every 8 Weeks

Just imagine, no more growing hair for waxing! No more ingrowing hairs or dark shadows! After 4 body treatments you may even forget to shave!

How does it work? For hair removal, the light from the Laser or IPL reacts with the melanin (colour) in the hair to create heat which results in selective photo thermal damage of the hair follicle and it’s regenerative cells, either weakening or destroying that hairs growing ability.


We first took on Laser in 1999 and have upgraded four times since then, most recently in June 2014, as the improvements in this innovative technology have developed. In fact our latest IPL and Laser with chilled heads and filter cuts have dramatically improved the hair removal results for our clients and have made them much more comfortable by reducing the sensation a client feels during treatment!

Therefore our experience, knowledge and understanding of the huge potential and the few limitations of this complex field means that we can offer the most thorough treatments information and advice available in this area. It has been so pleasing to see so many clients be able to go swimming at will or their self esteem improve after facial hair treatment. It is really very very satisfying for us.

Just imagine having so little body hair that only the occasional wax pre holiday or the odd shave sorts it!

Time Guide for IPL & Laser hair removal treatments, these will vary, but we will give you an estimate of the time and therefore cost per treatment at consultation.

Upper Lip
Laser: 3-8 min
Chin Tip
IPL: 4 min
Laser: 4-8 min
Under Chin
IPL: 6 min
Laser: 4-15 min
Laser: 4-8 min

We were previously Care Quality Commission Registered and Inspected. As of 1/10/10 we are not required to any longer as we do not treat medical conditions and are not medically qualified. However please be assured all the policies and safety measures and regulatory procedures developed during our 10 years of registration are still carried out and adhered to for your safety and reassurance.

Full Explanation of Laser & IPL Hair Reduction

Unwanted hair can be treated very effectively, provided there is enough colour in it to create the required amount of heat at the hair root to damage the germanitive cells to disable the growth of the hair. 14-21 days after treatment the remaining hair shaft just falls out!

Not all hairs are at their ideal ’live’ stage of growth at one time and this is why a series of approximately 10 treatments at 4-8 weekly intervals is required, depending on whether you are wanting just a reduction in the amount of hair or as much clearance of it as is possible. Some medical conditions, hormonal changes and medication can stimulate hair growth and could affect the number of treatments required.

Because Laser & IPL react with the target colour under the skin and not the surface skin tissue, skin reaction is minimal and quickly subsides. Laser feels like a tiny hot pinprick but is minimised by using cold air to cool the area and our new IPL has a chilled head so feels like a warm elastic band ping but neither sensation lasts at all.

For both applications it is advisable to avoid exposure to the sun just before and during a course of treatment. Also avoid excessive heat for 48 hours before and after treatment.

A consultation and patch test are needed prior to starting either treatment, when we will work out the power levels that suit an individual and advise you on potential costs. Nearly all areas of the face and body can be treated.

At consultation we will advise you whether Laser or IPL or indeed Electrolysis as we often combine this with Laser for mixed colours of facial hair should work best for your individual hair colour and problem area. We will also discuss which application would be the most cost effective for you. We give a full explanation of all aspects of the treatment plus time for any questions.

So book YOUR FREE CONSULTATION NOW! To become fully informed!

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