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New Motus AY Moveo Alexandrite Pain Free Laser Hair Reduction

For Fast, Safe, Effective Reduction of Unwanted Dark Hair & Now with the Revolutionary Motus AY Alexandrite Laser Fairer Hair that has Some Colour/Pigment

Here’s a quote from a client Christina age 45:

It’s been like a miracle! After 5 treatments I hardly even notice my leg hair! No more prickly growth or strong dark hairs!……….. I so wish I’d had this done years ago!

And a quote from a dark facial hair client from C R age 26:

Having this done has improved my confidence so much! I used to have to shave my face every day but now I don’t even notice it between treatments! I’m so pleased with the results I’ve had this year and would recommend it to anyone! I’m going to get my underarms treated now too!

Just imagine, no more growing hair for waxing! No more ingrowing hairs or dark shadows! After  a few body treatments you may even forget to shave!

Laser hair reduction offers a safe, long-term solution to unwanted, excess hair for both women and men. Laser treatment is suitable for any area of the face and body, it’s quick and results can be seen even after the first session!

During treatment a short pulse of light is emitted and selectively absorbed by the pigment (colour) in the hair follicles called melanin. The process is repeated until the entire area is treated.

Dark hair has a higher concentration of melanin (colour) so traditionally has been considered easier to treat. But with the Deka Motus AY True Medical Grade Alexandrite Laser being considered the ‘Gold Standard’ in Laser technology, therefore it can be used to treat more challenging fine and fair hair very effectively.

Treatment times can be as short as 10-15 minutes depending upon the area treated and hair sheds after 14 days. Only hair which is actively growing is affected, therefore a series of  treatments are required.

Treatment is conducted every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the area treated, until the desired result is achieved. This will vary depending on several factors but will be discussed fully at consultation, also the number of treatments needed varies, but typically 5 or more treatments are needed for optimum results.

Then invariably there are no more ingrowing hairs and no rashes.
I’ve been told so often that it is life changing!  This is the best Laser I’ve used in 22 years, so I’ve learnt to get the best out of it since March 2019, results are stunning!

 Free 45 min Consultation & Patch Test

Face Treatments for Women
For best results and ability to get close to lipline, nose & hairline,
12mm Direct Standard Mode is best for faces with full area
treated & cooled with air simultaneously. Initially every 4 weeks
for effective treatment.  Most clients need this for up to 1 year.
£15 Top Lip
£15-£30 Chin Tip
£30 Top Lip & Lower Lipline
£30 Top Lip & Chin Tips
£45 Chin Tip & Centre Under Jaw
to neckline
£60 Chin & All Under Jaw
To neckline
£15-30 Sideburns Down to Neck
£60-£75 Lip Chin & Under & Cheeks
£75 All Face
From Cheekbones to Neckline Inc sides
£60 Brows & Up to Hairline Incl: special safety eyepads
£60 Nape of Neck up to hairline
£30 Breasts around areola.
£15 per minute/50 shots
for small other area requests
Clients with hormonal conditions such as PCOS that create excess hair,
I’ll create a bespoke price due to the probable need for longer term help


Body Treatments for Women
Combine 2/3/4/5 areas per session for discount!  2 areas- 10% 
3 areas-20%  4 areas-25% 5 areas-30%
Done in Moveo Pain Free Mode
Body treatments need to be done every 8 weeks for 5 sessions just over 6 months
For most this will just leave a few very fine lighter hairs but results can vary
Prices inc discount         1/Area   2/Areas     3/Areas   4/Areas   5/Areas
Underarms                        £45        £40.50        £36          £33.75     £31.50
Bikini Classic                     £45        £40.50        £36          £33.75     £31.50
Bikini Extended                £65        £58.50        £52         £48.75     £45.50
Bikini H/Wood/Brazil     £90        £81              £72         £67.50     £63
Half Legs inc knees*        £135     £121.50      £108       £101.25   £94.50 *
Lower or Upper    
Full Legs                             £210     £189           £168        £157.50   £147
Full Arms                           £90         £81              £72        £67.50      £63
Half Arms                          £65         £58.50        £52         £48.75      £45.50
Other areas can be assessed and quoted for at consultation.


Men’s  Face & Neck Treatments
£65    Brows
up to hairline Inc; special safety eye pads
£75    Neck from under jaw   
£120  Full Face
& Neck
£75    Nape of Neck to hairline          
£15 per minute/50 shots
for random area requests
Men’s lower face treatments are needed every 6-8 weeks
initially but Brows 4 weekly due to a shorter growth cycle.
Done in 12mm Direct Mode with cold air simultaneously.

Men’s Body Treatments; every 2 months initially for
approx 18 months Done in Pain Free Chilled Moveo Mode

£165  Back
including shoulders   Plus  Chest £260
£165 Chest
Including shoulders  Plus Back    £260
£105 Full Arms
£65   Half arms 
Can be added to chest or back
Other areas can be assessed and quoted for at consultation.

PDF Price List

A bit about our Laser background.
We first took on Laser in 1999 and have upgraded five times since then, most recently in March 2019, as the improvements in this innovative technology have developed. In fact our latest Laser with a chilled head will dramatically improved the hair removal results for our clients and will make them much more comfortable by eliminating the sensation a client feels during treatment in Moveo mode!

Therefore our experience, knowledge and understanding of the huge potential and the few limitations of this complex field means that we can offer the most thorough treatments information and advice available in this area. It has been so pleasing to see so many clients be able to go swimming at will or their self esteem improve after facial hair treatment. It is really very very satisfying for us.

Just imagine having so little body hair that only the occasional wax pre holiday or the odd shave sorts it!

A consultation and patch test are needed prior to starting either treatment, when we will work out the power levels that suit an individual and advise you on potential costs. Nearly all areas of the face and body can be treated.

At consultation we will advise you whether Laser or Electrolysis as we often combine this with Laser for mixed colours of facial hair should work best for your individual hair colour and problem area. We will also discuss which application would be the most cost effective for you. We give a full explanation of all aspects of the treatment plus time for any questions.

So book YOUR FREE CONSULTATION NOW! To become fully informed!

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